Verizon’s Terrible Dropped Call Rate Almost Takes a Life

WE all know that every cell phone provider has dropped calls. It is simply a part of life. But, Verizon is very famously known for their dropped call rate. On January 26th 2010, not too long ago, a 94 year-old woman placed a call into 911 when her house caught on fire. Only to find out that her call would be dropped almost right after being connected to a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Now this is not the only time that a 911 call for help has been hung-up-on automatically. Engadget says there have been over 10,000 dropped calls for help. This is definitely not a one time, fluke accident. How does this story end? Well thank god that her neighbor was able to get her out of her house before it was engulfed in flames.
The remains of the house

This is the remains of the poor woman's house after the fire.


There is also a video of this story:


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