Has Advertising taken over YouTube?

WE all get stuck waiting 30 seconds on ads for that video on YouTube we really wanted to watch. But the question is, is there too MUCH advertising on YouTube? I think yes. When you go to http://www.YouTube.com, you get the home page. But on that home page there are going to be about 3 advertisements, just plain pictures. But now you are going to see the plain ads as we as some muted video ad. ALL on the home page.
However, when you find and search for your video. You get yet another surprise. Wanna guess? That’s right more ads, however there aren’t going to be as many. Unless you are on a VEVO channel. Hen you get the regular ads as well as a 30 second video commercial. I just do not go to any VEVO channel. I also lose some respect for he artist who agreed to be on VEVO. I think most people and comments are right, “vevo is shit”
That’s why I think YouTube is over advertised. What do you think?


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