What is bit.ly?

FOR those of you who do not know what bit.ly is, please pay attention.  Chances are you have seen a lot of it on Twitter. So what is it though? Well it takes a standard URL (for example https://geekytechguy.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/what-is-bit-ly/). That is the URL of this page is. It then condenses it down to take up less space.

So why am I seeing so much of it on Twitter? Well as most of you know, in Twitter you only have 140 characters (including spaces) to put all of the information you want in that one tweet. So if you wanted to talk about lets say, an article. Then you wanted to post a link, you would get an error message telling you that you have used too many characters. So this way when you shrink the large URL to a smaller one you can fit more important stuff in.


(With out bit.ly/URL shortener)


(With bit.ly)



As you can tell it makes it MUCH smaller. The bit.ly service can also allow you to track the URL. Well what do you mean by track? I mean that you can see how many times that one URL has been clicked. Pretty cool, huh? Just wait, it can do one more cool thing. You can customize the URL. Here is an example same one like above except not customized. Here is an example: http://bit.ly/thisiscustomized Now the only problem with this is that you need to make sure that what you are customizing it to is not taken like a user name.

If you are still confused then just go to: bit.ly and experiment. Not too much though!



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