How to Create a Link to an App, Music, etc.

I have been seeing this around a lot. When you are on a developers website especially. It is a link to an app, music, etc. How do they do it? Well one simple Google search solved my problem. This is very handy. Because it is easy to direct to one specific thing instead of saying “Go to the app-store and search”New York Times”” Instead you can just do something like this:
NYTimes – The New York Times Company

NYTimes - The New York Times Company

NYTimes - The New York Times Company

Very easy. You have three choices: Text-Only, Small-Button, Large-Button. All it uses is about a line or two of HTML code. If you don’t believe me view this article’s page code.

Here is how to do it:

1) Go to THIS LINK

2) Type in whatever you want to link to

3) Select it

4) Copy and paste code.

5) Victory dance !

Not hard at all!


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