AT&T reports best first quarter smartphone sales with 5.5 million

AT&T reports best-ever first quarter for smartphone sales with 5.5 million. Guess what? 60% of all of those 5.5 MILLION smartphone sales are the iPhones. That is a lot of iPhones sold, in one quarter. I am not sure if Verizon has released their smartphone sales reports yet. But when/if they do I will be sure to compare. Now aside from the fact that Verizon Wireless has only been selling the iPhone line for what, 6 months now? But I still think that Verizon is not going to make nearly as much as AT&T does on their iPhones than Verizon will on theirs.

I think this mainly because that if you REALLY wanted an iPhone then chances are you would have switched to AT&T. But Verizon will make a few Million each quarter. And do not get me wrong. You can count on Verizon’s iPhone sales to sky-rocket within the next 6 or so months.


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