Angry Birds Skins

IF you are in full gear trying to beat Angry Birds Rio, and if you have also been to the theater to check out the newly released animated movie called Rio, then I guess it’s time for an Angry Birds detox. Since the popular game is the highest grossing game in the App Store, there is little that needs to be said about its addiction and about the fact that most of us have tried it by now. Even though I occasionally try Doodle Jump, another quite addicting game, I still find myself returning to Angry Birds for a couple of slings with that slingshot and a few blasts with the bomb bird, whatever its name is.

If you have not yet tried any of these games, you should really consider yourself lucky. If you do, you will be stuck until you finally finish the game, just like I was. I found myself playing it whenever I had a spare few minutes, which is rare. It was almost euphoric when I found the golden eggs, cleared a level, or managed to beat the game altogether. Yeah, only geeks can find such pleasure in beating a game and showing it off to your friends. I mean, after all, I needed to have the bragging rights and to be able to say that I beat it without using the mighty Eagle to clear the most gruesome levels. Just stick with it and try to come up with different plans of destruction, and you will beat the levels soon.

But what happens when you are finished, and the game is done? Will you play it again hoping for new scenarios? Nah, I think I have found what will please you until the next incarnation of Angry Birds comes out. It’s of course the Angry Birds addiction iPad 2 skins. Now you can pimp that iPad 2 with the illest skins on the planet, at least if you’re all into Angry Birds.

If you are a hardcore gaming fan, you know that these are a necessity for your survival amongst the birdsie fanboys and fangirls. You need to make a statement, and these are the right tools for that. They even come in splendid colors that match the birds and the pigs, so if you are looking to show off that new iPad 2, this is totally the way to get the ultimate attention. Once again, it’s the rather creative Etsy (iPad2Decals) creator that makes these available for the geeky price of $12.00 each.

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