Square Credit Card Reader Has Competitor

THE Square credit card reader that most of us have heard about now has a little competition. There is something now out on the market called “iZettle”. The iZettle was released shortly after the Square Credit Card Readers in their Apple stores. The iZettle is getting Visa’s attention. Visa is looking to invest in iZettle soon. The iZettle is a little bit more secure also. Something else that I noticed is that iZettle has jumped on the Social networking boat and decided to incorporate that into their application. So now, when you buy something from your friend who decides to charge you via iZettle, you can decide to publish what you purchased on Facebook for all of your friends to see.
The iZettle is a little bit different then the Square card reader. One of the ways, like we discussed above, the social networking piece. Another way that iZettle is much much different from the Square reader is that there is no card swiping. With the Square device you need to ever-so-carefully swipe the card. With this other product all you do is insert about 1/3 of the card into the actual reader.
The Square reader is much more portable then the other one. The iZettle is about the length of your iPhone. The Square reader is not close to that size. Also the iZettle starts in SWEDEN in JUNE. So it is hard to give you a solid review because I have not used hands on the two side-by-side.

To view iZettle’s official YouTube commercial please visit this link: iZettle in Action and Commercial


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