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The often-maligned Adobe Flash Player may not be Steve Jobs’ best friend anymore, but the developer still wants to be your neighbor — and with the final release of version 10.3, the player now finds a new home in your Mac System Preferences. is reporting that Adobe’s Flash Player 10.3 is finally out of beta on Thursday, with a new download available on the company’s website. The most notable change with the new version is that Flash Player now takes up a bit of real estate in your System Preferences panel on the Mac, bringing a more Apple-like user experience for those of us with a distaste for the former Windows style.

While the addition of a System Preferences pane is the most visible change, developers also get plenty to be excited about as well, including Media Measurement, which “allows companies to check how their Flash content is distributed on a website, what the audience reach looks like, and other stats.” Acoustic echo cancellation is also on deck, bringing developers “noise suppression, voice activity detection and automatic compensation for various microphone input levels.”

If you’ve ever been frustrated by having to visit Adobe’s website to get the latest version and not being able to be notified when that blessed event actually occurs, automatic updates are now part of the Flash Player System Preferences pane under the Advanced tab. These can be shut off (which Adobe doesn’t recommend), and you can click the Check Now button anytime to see if there’s a new version as well.

Finally, Flash Player 10.3 “integrates control of local storage with the browser’s privacy settings” — for now with Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8 (or higher, for Windows) and Google Chrome 11. The feature is promised for “a future release of Apple Safari.”

Ready to unleash the Flash goodness? Head over to Adobe’s website and download Flash Player 10.3 today. The 6.07MB Mac OS X version requires 10.4 or higher and an Intel processor and works with Safari, Firefox and Opera.

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