Google Music Beta

GOOGLE has just released a Beta version of Google Music. Google music allows you to upload the music to Google’s cloud and play the music anywhere, even offline. So if you have your music stored on multiple computers, you can have them all in one organized place. Just like with iTunes, you can create your custom playlists. I think that this is just Google’s version of DropTunes is the exact same thing except it is not by one big large company name. DropTunes has also been out at least a year before Google beta has been released. But Google Music I think is more user friendly, as far as the interface.

If you would like to find out more go to: However there is not very much about the product besides a video and 4 pictures with 2 sentence descriptions. Sadly, you need to request an invitation to test it out.

The current release date is unknown. Thanks for reading.


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