Apple Releases Fix For MacDefender

APPLE finally releases a fix to MacDefender. Unlike the name, MacDefender is actually a piece of Malware. The program is a Rogue anti-virus application just like those that were seen on Windows machines for the past couple of years. This type of virus tricks users into thinking they are protecting their computer by displaying false message that is an “infection”. It then offers a fix in exchange for currency. This is not some type of issue that only a few people have had, there are over thousands of mad Mac users and customers. When the people called in for support, they did not get any good help. Apple simply did not want to admit a problem.

Earlier this week they released a support article telling you how to protect yourself and get rid of the virus “protection” software. Within the next few days, Apple promises to release an update to OS X which will automagically find and remove Mac Defender and all of its known variants. The update should also help protect users by giving warnings if they download the malware. The problem, as Windows users and security experts know, is that these malware writers pump out newer versions very quickly… which take a while to detect and fix. Rogue anti-virus programs are quite the lucrative business. According to McAfee, the number of these types of programs has increased by nearly 400% since 2009, causing computer users a loss of about $300 million.



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