What I Like About Chrome and FireFox

TODAY I decided to make a blog post about what I like about Chrome and FireFox. So here follows what I like about Chrome and FireFox.

Some of them being the ability to add customized skins. I really like this feature because it allows for me to make the browser how I want it to look. It also adds community involvement so that the community members can create skins, then publish them for others to use free of charge.

Some more things I like about FireFox and Chrome are the speed. I have been able to get to website twice as fast as I did before. It really is much faster than Safari and Internet Explorer. Apparently the developers for Safari and IE just do not care that much about speed. The speed is just wonderful.

The ability to add plug-ins are fantastic. Internet Explorer can not do this at all. Safari, yes sure they can but it really is not that often used. If people want quality plugins they will go to FireFox. FIreFox has wonderful plugins that do exactly what you need. Again, these plugins are made by community members. I assure you that there is a plugin that you will want.

Also Google Chrome has a really nice feature that I like it is called “Apps”. They could have named it something better. But anyway, to the point. It allows you to add things that you like. They are almost like an in-browser plugin. There are things from ‘Angry Birds’ to little “books”.

So those are the things that I personally like about FireFox and Google Chrome. Please feel free to write yours in the comments section. Have a nice day 😉


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2 responses to “What I Like About Chrome and FireFox”

  1. Daniel Heppner says :

    Safari is actually faster than Firefox, in my tests. Firefox is actually a LOT slower than the two. Mainly because Chrome is based of WebKit just as Safari is, but Chrome is a bit faster because of some other aspects. I must agree that IE is terrible and that Chrome is awesome. I’m using it atm.

    • geekytechguy says :

      Really, that is good to know! Thanks for informing me! I will be sure to run some tests as well.

      Thanks again!
      and don’t forget to join our forum(I think you would like it there. And you would fit in well) and follow us on Twitter!

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