iWork Now Available In Mobile App Store

APPLE has just released the iWork suite for all iOS users. So now you have a mobile version of KeyNote, Numbers, and Pages. This is probably going to be most popular for iPad users, rather than iPod Touch. The reason being is that it is just not as easy and comfortable to work on a whole presentation or project on such a small screen. What this allows, is that now you can give presentations to your workers, or others right off of your iPad, this is assuming that you do have the HDMI connector.

The applications come with the same great templates, headers, text, etc. that are in the desktop version. KeyNote even allows for animations to be added to the slides. For Numbers, as hard as it may seem to work on a spread sheet it really was not that hard. I played around with it a little and found that it was not too difficult. They created a whole new (good) look to the application. They even added a new keyboard style that is only for Numbers.

They cost $9.99 each from the store. However if you do already have iWork for iPad, you do get a free update to the latest version. To get these applications, you can either search for them or go to the links below:

Pages: Pages – Apple®
Numbers: Numbers – Apple®
KeyNote:Keynote – Apple®



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