Apple WWDC 2011 KeyNote Wrap-Up

TODAY was the first day, out of five days of Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (W.W.D.C.).  As a “tradition” they have had the Apple KeyNote on the first day.

It was a really exciting KeyNote. All of the new releases and updates the announced were for software only.

The announcements were: iCloud, Mac OS X Tiger, iOS 5. I realized that most of the hype was over iCloud. However iOS5 took the majority of the time. I feel that the new iOS 5 is going to affect the most amount Apple customers and users.

They did a great job spacing out evenly the timing of each new announcement. One more thing that I enjoyed seeing were a much more variety of Apple staff. In the past Apple usually only had Mr. Jobs speaking and maybe one or two other guest speakers. This time there were about five or six different staff who all presented different types of things. However I most certainly enjoyed seeing Steve take over a good third of the conference.

There are many new exciting features of the releases. To read more in-depth, please select what pages you would like to visit.



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