Current Apple Statistics

TODAY during W.W.D.C. 2011 Apple released a bunch of new numbers and statistics that I think that you will like.

  • 240 Million iOS Devices Have Been Sold
  • That Represents 44% of the Mobile Market
  • 25 Million iPads
  • 15 Billion Songs Have Been Downloaded From iTunes
  • 130 Million Books Have Been Purchased From iBooks
  • 425,000 Applications For iOS Devices Have Been Released
  • 90,000 of that 425,000 are iPad Applications
  • 14 Billion Applications Have Been Downloaded
  • Apple Had Given a Total of $2,500,000,000 to Developers (2.5 Billion)
  • 225 Million Apple Accounts Have Been Created
  • 200 New Features in iOS 5
  • There have been over 100,000,000,000 Push Notifications Have Been Sent (100 Billion)
  • Over 18 Million Songs in iTunes
I told you that you would enjoy them!

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