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THIS post is going to be all about iOS 5 and the new features that it is going to bring to its users. Apple announced 10 of its best and most popular features. So I am going to do the same, here are the top new features that you can count on in the new version of the operating system for your smart Apple devices.

NUMBER 1 : Notifications

The first new feature that they released is a new notification user interface. This has been a large request for a long time. Finally Apple has given in and recreated their user interface.

For starters, they are going to have a new area called “Notifications Center”. This is the area where all of your notifications for everything is going to come in, such as SMS messages, MLB updates, Voice Mail messages, Facebook. They could not stop there, so they had to add your stocks, and current weather updates, all of the information is extracted from your Weather and Stock apps that come on the device when you first purchase it. This fixes several problems that we had before. The first complaint was that once you hit “ignore” there was no way of going back and looking at the notifications that had actually been displayed. Secondly, people were complaining of is that it interrupted whatever you were in the middle of. Third, they were not very organized. With the new and improved interface, they eliminate all of those problems.

They fix the first problem by creating a pull-down menu. Now when you are at your device, you can pull down with one finger from the very top of the display, and it will reveal Notifications Center and that will show you any push notifications that you have not taken care of. It solves the second problem of constant interruption by simply creating a small box that does a cute little animation on the very tip-top of the screen; telling you what program is notifying you and what is going on. You can either leave it alone and it will eventually disappear or you can tap it and it will make a beautiful transition into the application.

NUMBER 2 : NewsStand

The second new feature is called “NewsStand”. It does exactly what it sounds like. Basically what it does, is it allows you to purchase subscriptions to magazines, and newspapers and allows you to view them in one location. The subscriptions are charged just like every other Apple purchasing, through your credit card linked to your Apple ID. Another great thing is that it allows you to read offline. Right now, several major publishers have signed to allow this. There are certainly going to be more to come!

NUMBER 3 : Twitter Integration

The third new feature is Twitter Integration. To start off, there are over 1 Billion Tweets sent per week. My guess is that there a lot of people who have an iPhone and want to be able to have an easier time tweeting from it. To help the twitter users do this, they created “single sign-on”. This idea is so you only have to log in to Twitter once, not again and again. They have added twitter to: camera, maps, photos and possibly more. This allows you to easily tweet your location from the Maps application. With camera and photos, you can easily send your favorite pictures right on to Twitter. It is easy as electronically mailing the photo. So now you can send even more tweets, easier, and faster.

NUMBER 4 : Safari

Another feature is not really new, but they are making repairs; it is “Safari”. Safari counts for a little over 2/3 of all mobile web browsing. One of the key features they are really adding is the ability to view a web page in “reader”. Before watching the presentation and watching them explain it, I did not know what it did or how it worked. Now that I know what it does, it is a really nice feature that I will personally will start using much more often. Another feature of Safari is tabbed browsing. Why this was not on the very first version, I don’t know. But I am just happy that they started including this. It will increase my productivity well. 

NUMBER 5 : Reminders

The fifth top feature Apple is going to be adding to iOS 5 is “Reminders”. Reminders is a nice way to be able to have lists of what you need to get accomplished. This will create a much more organized environment, also having a easy list-like interface.   You have the advantage of storing it all in one free application that comes with the operating system. It can also alert you with alarms, if you set it to do so. A brand new amazing feature is the ability to geo-tag your location. So basically what that means is that if you want it to do so, you can have an alert go off once you leave the building you are in.

NUMBER 6 : Camera

The next feature which happens to be number 6 on the list is the camera. This as you know, is just nothing new; they are simply adding features. They decided to add the things onto the iPhone camera because it is very popular. So popular that it is the second most device used to published to Flickr. So, here we go!

This is going to be much faster, that is the first repair. Something new that they will be adding is you will be able to double click the home button when the device is locked to reveal a new button. This button is what I like to call a “go-to-camera” button. It does exactly that. Before this new feature, it was hard to get your iPhone camera out when it was locked. Now this allows for the phone to be locked, you click the shortcut button and it takes you right to the camera. Now lets say that you have a passcode set. It does not matter, you click the button and you do not need to enter your code. As a security feature you can not view the camera roll until you have unlocked the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Some other features they have added are the ability to use the “increase volume” button to take a picture, view grids to help take better pictures and the ability of “pinch to zoom”. One more major feature that they talked about was the editing. They have brought a hand-full of basic editing features from iPhoto to the camera. Some of the features that come are: crop, red eye, magic wand, and a few others.

NUMBER 7 : Mail

Seeing that ‘Mail’ is such a popular program, Apple decided to re-look at and see what they could add to make it better. Here are some things that Apple decided were important to include in iOS 5. Now you will have the ability to send emails with rich text. What is rich text? It is text that is BOLD, Italic, Colorful. Rich text is just a default on regular desktop computers. Now you have the ability to use this in your emails. They also included a feature which allows you to drag email addresses around. So now you can add to your TO field and your CC field just by dragging, with out having to start re-typing again. One minor one is that now you will ability to flag email addresses much easier. Something else that they have looked deeply into is that searching messages. Before your ability to search whole messages and the overall searching system was just not as good as Apple could have made it. I really can’t explain what is new with it; you need to get your hands on it. Finally, this one is going to affect the iPads the most. There are now more gesture abilities in Mail. So you can now hide/show the message list.

NUMBER 8 : PC Free

Now they have worked very hard on becoming “PC Free”. I will also create another post about this later on. Anyway, with Personal Computer Free ability you no longer have to plug in to your computer directly when you get a new device. Now you can simply “slide to setup”. This means that you do not have to wait to get home and plug in to set up your awesome new iPod, iPhone or iPad. You now also can get “over the air” software updates. Additionally there are delta updates.

NUMBER 9 : GameCenter

GameCenter currently has more users than XBOX Live, and GameCenter has been out for less than 1 year (9 months ago to be exact)! There are a few new things they have added, none of them are very large. Now you can view friends of your fiends. Also the function to discover new possible friends based on the games you play and the friends that you have. Similar to this there is game discovery. This recommends GameCenter enabled games for you based on your purchase history.

NUMBER 10 : iMessage

Apple has now announced something called “iMessage”. This is a brand new messaging system, and it is much more organized. It is one spot to receive text messages, pictures, videos, etc.. Now not only is this a new area to view things, you also can see other nice information. Some of which being delivery receipts, read receipts, and typing indication. Delivery and read receipts allow you to view if your message has been delivered, as well as if it has been read. So I guess you now get to know if your friend has read your text and is just totally blowing you off or not. Also, your conversations easily synchronize with all of your iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads with iMessage installed.


There you have it, those are just 10 of the 200 new features of iOS 5. iOS 5 is scheduled to release this fall, no specific date has been announced.



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