Apple Will Create New Campus

TODAY Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs went to the Cupertino city council to announce a new campus that will be built.  So now Apple will have the regular campus on the famous 1 Infinite loop, as well as a new campus with an amazing building.  The company is going to be constructing this new building because the current campus only holds about 2,400 out of their 18,000 employees.  They are holding the other employees in little business office buildings throughout the city of Cupertino.  The new campus will be not too far away from the old building.

It is going to be 4 stories high, and the building is basically going to be a large circle.  This looks almost like a giant UFO, but it is not any UFO it is what Steve Jobs thinks is: “I think we do have a shot at building the best office building in the world,”. The new base will sit on 150 acres near Pruneridge Avenue and Wolfe Road which is currently the home to Hewlett-Packard, which will be relocating next year. The circular building will be an architectural feat and will tout a large inner courtyard. Steve says that they will be hiring some of the best people in the world to help construct and plan this building. This building will not even have one straight piece of glass. 80% of the parking will be below the building itself, the other 20% is simply going to be a parking ramp.

He is doing somethings to worry about the environment. One of the things that he plans to do is to double the amount of trees currently on the property. There are currently around 3,700 trees. He wants to add apricot orchards like the ones he recalls growing up with nearby. The massive structure is also going to be mostly fueled my natural gas. As well as tearing up most of the asphalt and replacing it with grass.

The Apple CEO says that he plans to have it all constructed by the year of 2015.


Now you can watch a video of the proposal my Steve Jobs himself.


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