iPhone Production is Slowed

THERE may not be a new iPhone this month, but that doesn’t mean Apple is sitting on their thumbs basking in the warm glow of summer. A new report claims that the company is slowing orders for iPhone 4 components, which can mean only one thing: New models ahoy!

MacRumors reported that PCB (printed circuit board) suppliers in Taiwan “have cut their quotes by 10 percent for the quarter,” all because Apple has decreased orders for their goods. According to everyone’s favorite Taiwanese tech website Digitimes, this summer slump could signal that the iPhone 4 is finally slowing down.

“The Taiwan-based PCB companies, which are shipping products for iPads and iPhones, have seen disappointing orders for these devices in the second quarter,” Digitimes sources reveal. “Orders thus far for June show no signs of a rebound.”

What does it all mean? Well, the slump is temporary while they await Apple’s orders for the next-generation iPhone expected to launch in September — although we still don’t know if it will be an iPhone 5 or what’s being billed as the “iPhone 4S,” a more modest spec bump that retains most of the design from the current model.

While the iPhone 4 may be slowing down production, iPad 2 demand remains high and sales growth is expected to continue its upward climb well into the third quarter of this year.


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