Apple Discontinue iPod Classic?

PEOPLE have been thinking that Apple may be planning on discontinuing the iPod Classic model this year. I can see how people might believe this rumor. One supporting fact is that they are soon putting an end to the click wheel games that you can download onto your iPod; which before a few weeks ago I did not know even existed. However, so many people are talking about this, and when so many people believe it, it is usually true. But, the iPod classic is such a legacy holder. It also has an amazing amount of storage, 160 GB!
The iPod as a product line has been making up a smaller and smaller percentage of Apple’s revenue over the past few years with the growth of the iPhone. Apple does not break out the iPod touch out of those sales, but the touch likely represents a large portion of the remaining iPod sales. The last official word about the iPod Classic came from Steve Jobs over a year ago, in which he said in an email that they had no plans on discontinuing the iPod Classic at that time. Now, a year later, it may be coming.



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