Apple Names New Chairman of Board Replacing Steve Jobs

An article from Mercury News.

Apple  announced Tuesday that Arthur Levinson will replace the Cupertino company’s legendary cofounder Steve Jobs as chairman of its board. Apple also appointed Robert Iger to the board as a director.

Levinson is chairman of the board at South San Francisco biotechnology firm Genentech, where he also served as CEO from 1995-2009. He has been on the Apple board since 2000 and has been co-lead director since 2005.

“Art has made enormous contributions to Apple since he joined the board in 2000,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a news release announcing the appointments. “He has been our longest serving co-lead director, and his insight and leadership are incredibly valuable to Apple, our employees and our shareholders.”

“I am honored to be named chairman of Apple’s board,” Levinson said in the release. “Apple is always focused on out-innovating itself through the delivery of truly innovative products that simplify and improve our lives, and that is something I am very proud to be a part of.”

Iger, president and CEO of Disney, said “Apple has achieved unprecedented success by consistently creating high quality, truly innovative products, and I am extremely pleased to join the board of such a wonderful


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