Google Create Amazing LAN Party

YOU probably will not see many software engineers, or geeks on the television show Cribs. But if you did, then Google employee Kenton Varda would probably be first in line. Some people buy fancy cars and hot tubs, Kenton created the ultimate LAN party room. Getting your crew round for a marathon Counter-Strike session might be a barrel, but tangled cables and weeding out connection problems are not, or at least Kenton clearly doesn’t think so. No more cable spaghetti for him though, thanks to a permanent installation that includes machines, monitors, many feet of HDMI and USB leads, rack mounts and networking equipment for up to 12 gaming chums. Spread over two rooms, with six stations in each — ideal for team games — bespoke cabinets were made to keep it easy on the eye. Anyone wanting to take on a similar project can expect to put a $40,000 dent in their wallet, or a little more, depending on the size of your LAN. 


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One response to “Google Create Amazing LAN Party”

  1. Kali says :

    This totally brings me back to my counterstrike days. It’s funny how when you are into something you see it all around but I thought when I was done with the computer scene so was every one else. The only difference is when I played there were no such this is these big areas to play. We always had LAN parties in my friends dining room hooking up all of our computers, occasionally blowing a fuse in the middle of a kill. It’s great to know that the LAN parties are still up and running and it’s amazing how into it those have become. Great way to keep kids safe too! Where is this one located?

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