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Exactly How Much Phone Data Do I Need?

An article from Fox News

If you have a smartphone, you have to buy a data plan as well, which could add around $360 a year or more to your bill. And recently, wireless carriers have implemented new pricing, data limits and “throttling” (cutting your data to a trickle if you use too much) that can make figuring out plans downright baffling.

You could be one of those people using a smartphone as you did your old phone— for calling and texting. In that case, you might need only a minimal plan. But discovering mobile movies, streaming music, apps and video chat is like opening a Pandora’s box (in fact, Pandora is one of the services you might get hooked on). Your data appetite could quickly grow.

If you like to email, download a few photos and post to Facebook, for example, you can possibly get by on a gigabyte per month, but if you want to stream music and watch the occasional TV show, you may need around 3 gigabytes. And if you’re a big video viewer, you’re looking at 5 gigabytes or more.

To get a sense of what you may want to do and how much data you’ll need, please see our handy chart.

Apple Court Papers (Samsung v. Apple)

RECENTLY there has been lots of disputes between Apple and Samsung about copyright and patents. Apple released the court papers that they filed today.


Apple to Create Smaller SIM Cards

AT&T recently proposed a new SIM card. What is nice about this is that it is amazingly smaller. This would mean that your SIM card slot on the side of your iPhone, or any phone for that fact, will be much smaller. We really just have to wait to see if this gets approved and how it will turn out.