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Rebecca Black’s Music Video Disappeared

REBECCA Black’s music video “Friday” was removed from YouTube a day or two ago. Apparently she made a copyright claim. So now the video cost $2.99 to rent on YouTube. Then the video was set to “private.” Did the pressure finally get to Rebecca Black?  This would make sense, as Black and Ark Music Factory, the proto-music label that produced the song, have been battling over rights to “Friday.” Now that Friday’s gone, how do you feel about making fun of it, internet? Bet you kind of miss it! If you miss it too much, don’t worry I was able to find a separate video source for you.


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Apple to Release New Mac Book Airs?

DIGITIMES has reported that Apple is planning on shipping new MacBook Air models for June or July. One of the new features that they would have would be the ThunderBolt port. So be sure to check in June/July.