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Mega Upload Hosting Company Can’t Afford Hosting Their Data

An article from Huffington Post.

The company hosting the frozen data of millions of users of the file sharing site Megaupload says somebody needs to pay the company’s bill or allow it to delete the data.

Carpathia Hosting filed an emergency motion this week in U.S. federal court in Virginia seeking protection from the expense of hosting the data of up to 66 million users. It says it is using more than 1,100 servers to store the 25 million gigabytes of data.

In the motion filed Tuesday, the Virginia-based company said it is paying $9,000 a day to host the data, which works out to more than $500,000 since January. That is when U.S. authorities shut down the Megaupload site and worked with authorities in New Zealand to have its founder, Kim Dotcom, arrested.

U.S. prosecutors are seeking Dotcom’s extradition from New Zealand, where he remains under house arrest. They accuse him of racketeering by facilitating millions of illegal downloads of copyrighted material on the site.

Megaupload says many of its users are legitimate and storing important files on the site.

Carpathia said in January it would work with a nonprofit group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to try to preserve the data. In its court filing, the company said it had so far refrained from deleting the data given the interest from so many parties in keeping it.

Among those asking for the data to be saved is the Motion Picture Association of America, which wants it kept for possible civil action.

Carpathia said another reason it can’t delete the data at the moment is because it would “risk a claim by a party with an interest in the data.”

It is asking the court to either have others take possesion of the data, ensure that Carpathia be paid until the completion of the case or let it delete the data after allowing users access for a brief period for selective copying.

Carpathia is seeking a court hearing on the motion next month.

In another development in the case, a judge in New Zealand on Thursday released a ruling that Dotcom be allowed up to 60,000 New Zealand dollars ($49,000) per month from his frozen bank accounts to pay for his living expenses as he prepares his defense. He is also allowed the use of one of his cars, a 2011 Mercedes Benz.

New Zealand authorities in January seized Dotcom’s assets, which included 10 million New Zealand dollars ($8.1 million) worth of bonds and a fleet of luxury cars.

Justin Bieber Sues Over iPhone App

THERE is currently an iPhone game that is being sold; that Justin Bieber does not like very much. Justin dislikes it so much that he is deciding to sue the company, RC3, that developed the application. This app is a cartoon game, in which the user floats down a river, defending Joustin’ from the phot-hogs. His lawyers have created a case and desist letter to RC3, demanding they cease production and sales.  Lawyers for Justin want the app removed from iTunes and they want an accounting of all revenues collected by RC3.  But RC3 says hogwash and will continue selling the 99 cent app, claiming it’s a parody and therefore protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.



To view the court documentation and Letter, see the link below.

Apple Court Papers (Samsung v. Apple)

RECENTLY there has been lots of disputes between Apple and Samsung about copyright and patents. Apple released the court papers that they filed today.


Rebecca Black’s Music Video Disappeared

REBECCA Black’s music video “Friday” was removed from YouTube a day or two ago. Apparently she made a copyright claim. So now the video cost $2.99 to rent on YouTube. Then the video was set to “private.” Did the pressure finally get to Rebecca Black?  This would make sense, as Black and Ark Music Factory, the proto-music label that produced the song, have been battling over rights to “Friday.” Now that Friday’s gone, how do you feel about making fun of it, internet? Bet you kind of miss it! If you miss it too much, don’t worry I was able to find a separate video source for you.


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Samsung Demands iPad 3 and iPhone 5 from Apple

SAMSUNG has demanded to see the next version of the iPhone. It is probably going to be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. Samsung is requiring this to prove that there are no patent disputes or infringements. This all came a few days after Apple demanded that Samsung hand over the Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 to see whether or not these products should be blocked. So Apple just got what they served up.
The reason Apple can not just say “no” and not allow Samsung to see the upcoming products are because it is a court order. I find this odd because as far as Samsung knows, there is not going to be an iPhone 5/4S or iPad 3. But all of these lawyers know what they are talking about, so I am not going to question them.

Below is the copy of the court order.
iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Apple Sues Samsung

IT is not a surprise. In this modern day world someone is almost always suing somebody else. They must think it can solve all of their problems.
Anyway…This time Apple is suing Samsung. This time over the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S. Apple Inc. is also suing other companies as well.
Jobs’ claims that they copied their intellectual property.
Here is the ‘copied and pasted’ version.
Apple has just sued Samsung for “copying” Apple’s intellectual property in their devices. According to the WSJ, Apple named the Nexus S, Epic 4G, Galaxy S 4G and the Galaxy Tab tablet as evidence of Samsung stealing from Apple’s iPhone and iPad. The lawsuit says:

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products.”

Samsung joins HTCNokia and Motorola as companies that Apple has sued/is suing but the lawsuit with Samsung is particularly interesting because they have a business relationship: Apple uses Samsung manufactured parts in their devices! We’ll have to wait and see how this lawsuit puts a strain on their relationship.

Here is the link to the story from Gizmodo. I highly suggest that you read it.